Thursday, 3 April 2014

I'm Back !

4 months ago i had wrote something for new year eve and stop after that. That might be hormone of me!

Hormone of pregnant mummy that have a toddler who like to make me angry like angry bird. But now, my Hormone get stabilize back. After 5 months pregnancy for the second one, I hope the Hormone will be nice until the end. 

My toddler , who became a baby to me and my family but now maybe he now that he will be a big brother after this. Now he like to sleep with Nenek and me with 'berpelukan antara satu sama lain' . 

Sound like best part of our life but, you try to hug each other for a long night and what happen to your hand after wake up? hahahah thats i mean it!!

Adam is the best part of my life. Now he like to smiling like honey that make me melting. No one can replace his smiles. I hope he will be good son to us and our family. And i hope he will be a responsible brother to his 'Adek baby'.

Ohh okey, its time to go and i promise to come back with more and more story about my little baby in tummy. But now, i dunno why the baby don't want to show the 'Jantina'.


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